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Shades of Monsoon: 3 Fun Flower Colors to Brighten Your Mood in Rainy Days

It has been long known that being surrounded by nature improves and boosts our mood and eases our stress. You may have observed that being on a nature rich vacation rejuvenates you and makes you feel refreshed and energetic to head back to work. But given our routine and life enriched with hectic schedules, deadlines and stress, keeping up with nature becomes difficult and tedious at times.

What if we tell you that it is not necessary to visit nature everytime you want to relive that vibe? What if we tell you that you could mimic that soothing vibe at home within your own space?

Yes, you read it absolutely right.

Filling your home with flowers and plants could be the secret to improving your mental health.

Flowers are ‘God’s Creations’ intended to beautify the Earth and bring joy to mankind. The presence of a bunch of Flowers or even a few potted Plants brings a smile to every face. Instantly that happiness transforms the aura of the individual and every negative emotion disappears. This feeling of joy and happiness infuses itself into the conduct of the individual and every activity automatically is dealt with in a positive loving manner. Flowers have the power to create a very soothing and positive atmosphere and business or personal relationships thrive. Thus a small bunch of fresh flowers goes a long way in our daily lives.

(Lourdes Kamdar, Owner)

Here, we exclusively reveal the 3 prime flower colors that will brighten your mood:

1. Orange:

Orange flowers symbolize fervor and exhilaration. As it is related to fall colors, it is often represented to give out warmth and happiness. They do more than just brighten your room. Orange flowers reflect sincere gratitude and happiness that have an uplifting and brightening effect on your mood.

In this bouquet, the shades of orange and white that are elegantly designed to brighten your day. It consists of Orange Roses, White Roses, Orange Gerbera and filler greens.

In this bouquet, the shades of orange and purple are beautifully wrapped together to make anyone smile. It consists of Orange Roses, Pink Chrysanthemums, Shaded White and Purple Carnations, Purple Statice and filler greens that will lighten and uplift your mood.

2. Yellow:

Yellow flowers reflect happiness and joy. They radiate positive energy and vibe. They also represent the bond of friendship and togetherness. They are known to chase away anxieties, worries and blues making you feel happy and joyful.

In ancient Greece and Egypt yellow flowers were highly valued because of their resemblance to the sun.

This arrangement consists of a pleasant box filled with White Orchids, Yellow Chrysanthemums and White Lilies with fresh greens to calm your nerves in these gloomy monsoon days.

This pleasing arrangement of White Chrysanthemums, Yellow Roses, filler flowers and filler greens in a square glass vase blesses you with a sense of calm and brings out your inner peace and solace.

3. Pink:

Pink flowers symbolize love, happiness, grace, and gentleness. They represent softer feelings and embody the delicacy of feelings together. They are known to relieve anxiety and reduce stress levels making them a great remedy for uplifting mood, regaining composure and soothing the senses.

This stunning floral arrangement filled with beautiful Pink Liliums, Pink Revival Roses, filler flowers and filler greens in a round glass vase will make your evenings full of laughter and fun. This dash of pink sparkling blooms will uplift your spirits making your room radiate zeal and jollity.

This set up consists of Pink Chrysanthemums, Pink Sweet Williams and Shaded White and Purple Carnations beautifully arranged in a charming Tea Cup and Saucer Vase. This ‘Cup of Tea’ will turn around your day with its mere presence. It reflects love and support that lifts your spirits and keeps you cheerful.

According to research, receiving a bouquet of flowers is proven to be a scientific mood booster. It is observed that while receiving  flowers, people physically and emotionally express their ‘true smile’ or ‘Duchenne smile’. This produces increased  activity in the left temporal of the brain, which is directly linked to positive emotions. So, flowers and plants are always the best idea to restore peace and positivity in your hectic and stressful life. A perfect way to maintain that nature-rich balance in your mundane life. 

We at Fleurette provide you with stunning – as well as hayfever-friendly and fresh – floral arrangements for your home or office environment making you happy and cheerful.

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